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Driving license in English

Learning to drive in English  -  English language course  -  English driving course

In connection with the new regulations for the course records are held with a minimum of one week in advance.
      1. Before each course is held an organizational meeting.
      2. Participation in organizational meeting is mandatory.
      3.  Office of driving schools Zielony Listek (Green Leaf), will complete  all the formalities in connection with the training of driving.
      4. Please at the inception of the organizational activities to provide:
  • completed  application to the UM (Town Council) will also be available in the  classroom,  (forms can be downloaded from www.zielonylistek.eu  or at  our office)
  • UM registration fee in the amount of 17 PLN
  • one clear photograph of a size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm (such as a passport)
  • On the first day of the course please bring your ID (with photo) and o proof of address.
    1. 5. At the meeting you will be able to:
  • make specific medical examination - cost 150 PLN - paid doctor,
  • pay a fee for driving course,
  • pay a fee to create a profile in the UM student - cost 17 PLN,
  • obtain any information on the new rules and the course of training.

The course runs individually, and includes 30 hours of theory (teaching hours) and 30 hours of practice (clock hours).
Driving lessons are arranged by students according to their needs (from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm).
Classes  are held on cars KIA RIO - car identical to the exam. Our  instructors speak fluent English and French, among the instructors are  women and men.
We invite you to participate in driver training, driving school „Zielony Listek”.

Time and cost of license - information at the phone number:   

Account No.   16 1140 2004 0000 3902 7538 0015
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